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Thank you for visiting my website. My relationship with art and life is a venture of passionate exploration. I live a storied life, fuelled by adventure and music, both inside and outside my studio. My gallery is here in beautiful Mornac sur Seudre, an old fishing and commercial port which today focusses more on oyster farming and salt produced by it's marshes. It's a beautiful place to live and a classic example of a Charente coastal village. I hope you can visit me at my gallery and also take in the stunning scenery Mornac has to offer. - Solveig Corcos

Based in Mornac sur Seudre, France

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Unique Collections
A clear look, flaming hair ... and works just as bright. A brush in hand, in her studio. Solveig Corcos shows generousity. Her paintings also give that measure.
Olivier Perrin, art critic
Of Danish origin, descendant of a line painters - her uncle is none other than the famous portrait painter of the nineteenth century, Vittorio Matteo Corcos whose portraits include Mussolini, Puccini and Pietro Mascagni. Solveig Corcos moved to France some fifteen years ago. In her early paintings, her work installs a powerful dreamlike atmosphere with a mixed technique (incorporating cloth, paper, marble powder, glass, etc.). Later she moves away from abstract painting to learn from nature and draw from the strength of the raw elements: flowers, provincial pottery, fruit cups, many things of "living" nature that enabled her to continue working on the variety of subjects that she loves ...
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Flaminco - 100x100

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Arc en ciel - 80x80

Inspired by music and the world around us
Soleig Corcos permanently exhibited at the gallery Bellartea (Biarritz) at the gallery of the Hermitage (Touquet Paris beach), the Inuit Gallery (Denmark) and the white card gallery (Royan). It is referenced to artists rating Drouot dictionary.
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Danseuse - 55x46

Today Solveig returns to her first love: the abstract. For the abstract, it is the gesture, colour, life. As she likes to say, she "painted music" listening to Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder: this whirlwind of notes help to reveal itself to her and not to think too much. In her paintings (as in the music she listens), there is a lot of spontaneity that leaves much room for improvisation. For Solveig, it is above all a being instinctive, leaving her emotions to dictate her actions ... But she is also an adult who has kept the eyes of a child: her imaginary landscapes come straight out of a fairy tale . Pastel colours invite us to travel. Softness, very gently, again and again ...

Solveig Corcos is ultimately an artist who has trouble with being labelled (like many artists) because she refuses to remain frozen in a way; today, she left the matter to return to the sign, but who knows what tomorrow will bring! Solveig is certainly not someone for whom the word "life" rhymes with "today" ...